• No more waxing and ingrowing hair
  • No harmful side-effects
  • Safe and painless on any skin types
  • Less time consuming
  • Precise
  • It works! 

Unwanted hair can affect self-confidence and increase anxiety that is why 
specialise in laser hair removal for all skin types using the most advanced techniques. 

all laser hair removal treatments​​

                             ENERGIST ULTRA
                        Variable Pulsed Light Treatments

Sun damage and the effects of ageing can leave skin looking tired and prematurely aged resulting in skin imperfections on the face and body. Energist Ultra uses Variable Pulsed Light technology to offer a safe,

non surgical solution to get fast results. 

VPL can be used on both men and women to treat:
  • sun and age spots
  • acne
It can also be used to stimulate collagen production to create smoother skin, smaller pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Energist Ultra system is the most advanced skin rejuvenation product available offering

effective treatments without being invasive and with little or no downtime, using carerfully filtered light energy
to target the different structures within the skin and reduce imperfections, improving skin's texture and tone. 


Permanent offer for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) sufferers

We understand how PCOS symptoms can affect everyday life which is why we would like to help by offering you
a 30% discount on all pain free laser hair removal treatments!*

Simply bring in a letter from your GP regarding your diagnosis to qualify for the offer.
The most effective and efficient method for removing unwanted hair
and keeping it away.
"The treatments transformed my confidence.
I used to hate going swimming, now I love it again. I found the process
to be relaxing, like a warm stone being used to massage your back,
with only very slight tingles when hairs are removed.
I would recommend anyone crippled by confidence to do it. You can live being excessively hairy but do you want to? Now you don't have to.
You're in safe hands with Nelly."
Gareth W.  7 June 2016

"Laser is the only real answer to unwanted hair - and I had plenty of it!
I'm so glad I found Essential Laser Clinic. The treatments are affordable, comfortable (not painful!) and Nelly is so friendly that I enjoy our catch ups every 6 weeks.
If you're unsure, take this as a sign - go for it!"
Jessica T. 19 Oct. 2016

"I started having a full body laser hair removal package with Nelly
at Essential Laser Clinic earlier this year.
It's been such a good experience from the comfortable and modern treatment room and the friendly, discreet service to the amazing results.
Oh and it's genuinely pretty pain free as well - just mild discomfort! "
Jo H. 30 Nov. 2016

"I totally recommend Nelly and her treatments.
I am impressed with the results! The treatments have been really effective and helped me grately.  Nelly is skilled at her job and very kind in the way she works with her clients, making you feel at ease."
Alison C. 24 Jan. 2017

"Best money I've ever spent! 
Nelly is amazing! Kind, friendly and very professional. 
After years of waxing I decided to try laser hair removal and I wish I had done it sooner - much easier, faster and longer lasting results.
Would highly recommend!"
Helen T. 1 April 2017